About Shira’s Journey

By Carol Gordon

It is a little known fact that there were thriving Jewish communities in Greece prior to World War II. The Romaniote communities have been in Greece since the fall of the First Temple in 586 BCE and the Sephardim since the height of the Spanish Inquisition in 1492. It is also a little known fact that 87% of Greek Jews perished under the Nazi occupation of Greece in World War II. It is important to make known the fact that many Greeks risked their lives by hiding Jews or helping them escape deportation.

For the past 25 years I have had a burning desire to tell the story of these communities and I am committed and compelled to get it done. My aim is to reach as big an audience as I possibly can to somehow give meaning to the suffering of these people.

I have written a Screenplay for a feature length film called ‘Shira’s Journey’ and you can read all about it below.


  ‘Shira’s Journey’ is a Road Movie -With -A -Difference involving three unlikely travelling companions: Shira, an ex-South African documentary filmmaker from Melbourne; Avram an octogenarian Greek Jewish Holocaust Survivor and his American grandson Jeremy, an idealistic lawyer from New York. On their journey from Corfu to Ioannina, Athens, Volos, Thessaloniki and Rhodos, Avram becomes Shira’s Guide and Mentor and as she learns about the history of the Greek Jews she uncovers her own hurdles to finding happiness, self-actualization and self-belief. Through her blossoming relationship with Jeremy, Shira experiences respect and understanding. Always just a phone call away is Shira’s best friend Sonia with whom she shares her whole life and from whom she receives endless love and support. Her journey through Greece facilitates her inner journey of growth and leads her to understand that she must change within herself in order to leave a destructive relationship. On her return home she changes her life by realizing she is free to choose happiness.


When we free ourselves from physical and emotional obstacles that are self-imposed, we can make choices that enable us to fulfill our needs and thus be happy.


The next step

I am hopeful that one day this film will be made but in the meantime I have put together a project called

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Go to the Following Shira’s Journey page to read all about this unique and multi-faceted project




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